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24/02/2020 Hayley Oberoi


I have been having saxophone lessons with Steve for just over a year and I can’t thank him enough for what he has taught me. From the very first day when I was pretty much a beginner he has been incredibly patient and kind. He never makes me feel silly if I get the notes wrong and always allows me to have a say in what I am learning to play. I have grown in confidence a lot in the last year thanks to his wonderful teaching and I continue to enjoy my lessons very much. I would highly recommend him to anyone

Many saxophones

03/02/2019 Michael Dodson


A fun, informative, and inspiring lesson!

I used to play clarinet at school, but I haven’t picked one up for 15 years. Saxophone was always an instrument I wanted to move on to from clarinet, and I finally got round to it this week.

Steve was recommended to me for saxophone lessons, and after having my hour lesson with him I know why. I must have learnt more in my first Saxophone lesson with Steve than I did in any 10 Clarinet lessons, and I’m now hooked. 

I’ve come away from my 1st lesson with an itch to practise as much as I can, and I cannot wait for my next lesson! 

Cheers Steve, see you next week!

Michael Dodson

07/01/2019 Paul Nolan

Steve is a great tutor. I have been with him for over 10 years and successfully completed all 5 grades in jazz and classic sax. He is innovative continually looking for new ways to bring me on. I am learning to improvise and his patience with my fumbled attempts and minimal practice is impressive. Lessons are always good fun too!! Very happy to recommend Steve for any newbies or those who want to develop their playing to a higher standard.

23/01/2019 David Young

Wow! Just had my first sax lesson in years. After just one session with Steve, what an eye opener – bad habits spotted and addressed within minutes! 

I also came away with a structured practice plan and look forward to reaching another level. 

After years of ‘getting away with it’, I realise that there is no substitute for one-to-one tuition – books, CDs, internet and videos can lay down the basics, but there is nothing like having focused, non-judgmental feedback and advice! I felt really at ease during the session.

I’m looking forward to session number two.

Saxophone 3
Image by Bogomil Mihaylov

05/02/2019 Steven Rayneau

Just had my first ever Saxophone lesson with Steve, didn't really know what to expect as never picked up a Sax before but I was made to feel comfortable and not rushed, was able to really enjoy the lesson. Steve taught me how to hold the instrument correctly and how to produce notes. By the end of the lesson I could even play a basic scale......all down to the teacher! Looking forward to my next lesson with Steve!

Steven Rayneau

Image by Darrell Fraser

16/03/2020 Helen Kemp


I can highly recommend Steve as a teacher. He took me from complete beginner on Alto Sax to a high distinction at Grade 8 in 8 years! He is professional, friendly, very knowledgeable, and has the patience of a saint with beginners! He is a brilliant musician and his passion is evident in the lessons. The lessons were always well structured and fun with of course homework! He taught me so much and I will always be very grateful for his teaching and inspiration.

Saxophone 2
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